In an effort to make missed tournaments less disastrous to a player's league standing, we have adjusted the formula for crediting players with a depreciated league score for missed events.  Each player's lowest score is dropped from overall calculation just as it has always been, and if a player misses tournaments then the first miss is considered his/her dropped score. In the past, the penalty beyond the first miss was calculated on a simple 75%-50%-25% depreciating scale applied to the overall average score.  This formula worked pretty well under the old "PSS" scoring, but it became too harsh under the revised system since overall points awarded are now much higher and the point spreads are small.


Now, the depreciation of the points awarded on missed events is on a 2/3 (66.7%) - 1/3 (33.3%) - 0% depreciating scale which is applied to the difference between the player's average attended score and the theoretical last-place (30th) finish, or 58 points. Put another way, all missed tournaments will be worth at least 58 points, and the amount added to this number depends on how well you have done overall and how many tournaments you have missed.



If a player has an overall average of 77.5 and misses two tournaments, they would be credited with:

58 points (base 30th place finish) plus 13 (? of 19.5, the difference between played average and 30th) = 71.0. Under the previous system, this player would receive only 58.13 points. As the player's average fluctuates over the course of the season, the points credited for missed events will also rise and fall, so they are never "locked in" until the season is over.


It's a little more complicated but it will keep all players in the race much longer.







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